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Gone are the days where meeting someone online was considered only for the desperate. Due to the ever increasingly busy lives of singles, many are simply finding it difficult to take the time in everyday life to find a suitable partner. This is why online dating sites are quite convenient for narrowing down a search for a suitable mate.

Users of online dating sites can search for mates based on hobbies, beliefs and personality. They can even see what a potential date will look like before agreeing to meet in person. Now here is the tricky part. Physical attractiveness plays a significant role if there will be a sexual interest between two individuals. However, there are a number of points to keep in mind when choosing an profile picture for a successful online dating profile.

The Online Dating Profile Picture Should Represent Reality

First of all, users should ensure that the picture is an adequate representation of the here and now. Those who date online should not pick a picture from ten years ago, one where she was ten pounds lighter, or one where her hair is a complete different cut and style from now. It does not reflect the present day person.

The particular picture chosen should be one that is updated and recent. The picture should be one that displays the user in the best light, but images should not be airbrushed or altered in order to achieve this. Singles who use online dating sites are cautioned not to edit the picture in an attempt to make themselves look nearly unrecognizable.

This includes experimenting with lights and angles to make the picture look like an advertisement from the pages of a magazine. Although this technique may attract many people at first, users must remember that they will be meeting potential dates in person eventually. If singles misrepresent themselves, there is the risk of no second dates. Those who date online must exercise confidence in their appearance.

Online Daters Should Envision the Ideal Mate

If the potential online dater wishes for his mate to share a love for running, then perhaps a picture should be put up of him running a marathon. This same logic applies if the single is an animal lover. She should then include an image of her with her puppy. These images will cause users who have the same passions to gravitate towards those particular profiles. Such a way of showing the things that are loved by the online dater creates more of an impact than just listing hobbies and passions. After all, a picture can tell a thousand words. It will also make the online profile picture stand out amongst the hundreds of other profiles.

Users must consider the type of response that is dependent on how much sexuality the profile picture displays. There may be an initial large number of responses and attention, but most may come from daters who are not contemplating a serious monogamous relationship. They may instead be searching for a casual encounter. This is fine if that is in fact the type of relationship the single online user wants to be having at this time.

Smile in the Online Profile Picture

Happiness is attractive. People naturally gravitate towards others who look happy with their lives. It will show that the online dater is extending an understood invitation to those in his or her social network to to join him or her in happiness. The pouty look will only make an online persona look sulky and unimpressive. Users should remember that they are not auditioning to be in an advertisement for a fragrance, they are showing their best side to a potential someone they wish to attract. A true and genuine smile will attract others who are also happy and satisfied with their lives.

There may be a group of people who argue that it would be best to not upload a picture at all. After all, maybe single online daters wish to be judged purely on personality an non-physical attributes. However, a dating profile will generate far more visitors if there is a picture attached. Failing to upload a picture can also subconsciously imply a lack of self-confidence.

Online dating, just like dating in real life, has a physical realm to consider. The online profile picture is a representation and symbol of what the user is like offline. Those who use online dating sites should ensure that their picture is a reflection of what they are in everyday life, consider whom they want to attract, and make sure to look their best. Such care should with online profile pictures if users want their online romances to evolve into a relationship outside the world wide web.