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Since media influences much of how we live and direct our lives, it has become “the” trend setter. There has been a steadily inclining dating scene profiling older women with younger men. Hollywood prominently displays its famous couples. Starlets and high-profile celebrities strut past photographers arm-in-arm with their latest beaus, who sometimes are nearly half their age. But, Hollywood isn’t the only venue where cougars are alive.

Older women who date younger men can be found in and around your home and work. They are sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, friends, neighbors, co-workers, associates. . . .This dating scene, however, is usually glamorized by Hollywood critics. It doesn’t always happen the way it seems to be portrayed by media.

There Must be Physical Attraction

If the personalities are amicable a friendship develops. While the friendship flourishes, each person notices more about the other. Over a little time, there is less notice of each other’s slight physical flaws. If there is a connection they draw in toward one another. It becomes a magnetic attraction. This happens with any couple, any age.

Relationships Between Either Couple When Age Is a Factor

Both older women-younger men couples and relationships of older men-younger women have common points. A factor is whether these are dating couples or longterm relationship couples. Dating couples have a sense of euphoria because there is no commitment and fun can become more fun with no attachments as long as the relationship lasts. When a longterm relationship emerges, age difference becomes an issue as the couples age together with the older persons having to depend more on the younger partners. The younger of the two can become caretakers in some situations when marriage is an end result.

In both dating relationships, the older committed persons sometimes think the younger partners will leave them for a younger person. The seniors, with more life experiences, and who are rooted in reality, have this concern after the relationships have solidified. With some older people this thought becomes constant once it is planted, and it may be brought up in disagreements as, “I told you our age difference would become a problem. We shouldn’t have stayed together or shouldn’t have married.”

If the persons who mention age difference issues during arguments have experienced trust issues with younger partners, developing trust with the older persons may be easy. The younger partners may want to commit to making the older partners feel sure of one’s undying and unconditional love. If, however, the relationships aren’t strong, the age issues could sever the relationships depending upon the communication between the couples.

Sex-related issues emerge. As older men age, they can have some difficulty in intimate activities. In addition, many older women no longer are able to bear children. That may be a concern to younger males who wish to have families.

Family issues can be bothersome no matter how much the couples try to disregard the banter and slight hostilities from closely aged children. Many times the children are the cause of couples breaking up. The parent-partners find they must choose between the children or the relationships.

Older Women vs. Younger Women

Men say they prefer dating older women to younger women because mature women know what they want in life and where they are headed. They are not confused about the direction in which their lives should go. Moreover, while younger women seem to be caught up in themselves, mature women have a better understanding of themselves. They have a firm foundation which allows them to open up to others without toppling over. They tend to share more of themselves with their partners. They like the freedom that older women express with intimacy.

What the Cougars Say

If the age difference is not over 3 or 4 years the couple will have many commonalities. There will be more activities to do together at similar ages. Many enjoy doing the same things with their partners. Women feel more dominant in cougar relationships. It gives them a sense of power and mastery over men. Older women feel more worldly than what they believe their partners to be. It gives them a sense of satisfaction. Some feel they are somewhat motherly to their partners because their partners like the intimacy that it offers.

Older women in bed with younger men are very satisfied, although they first wonder what their partners will think of them in their shared relationships. They feel that the men will be attracted to younger women and want to go to them because they (the women) are not as toned as their younger competition. The women like the energy that surrounds younger men. Younger men don’t hold them back, but keep challenging the women.

The Final Word

If two people have a spark and the relationship begins to flame, there is no reason for them not to begin dating no matter what the sex is of the older one. Women have long gravitated towards older men, but now the table is turning. Women are enjoying what younger men bring to them. Age depends with each couple. The world will have to see what the future brings with cougars around. Remember, though, keep open communication between the two of you and share your feelings. Talking will help to eliminate relationship concerns.