Online Dating Etiquette: Good Manners For Internet Daters

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Remember that with Internet dating you haven’t met someone yet, so therefore you are also not going out with them. Writing emails or sending messages in order to get to know people is a requirement of online dating including apps, popular dating sites, and even free chat lines (phone chat). You will probably get one response back for every ten to twenty messages you send. Therefore, you don’t just want to write one person then wait for him or her to respond back. To ensure a steady stream of responses, send several emails to guys or girls who interest you. Online communication is not as personal as face-to-face but it offers more options and flexibility. And there is a middle ground like phone chat lines that offer your features similar to online dating but you can talk to people on the phone.

Not responding back is okay.

Here’s the thing: when someone initially contacts you, and for whatever reason you decide they aren’t quite right, ignoring their email is perfectly reasonable online etiquette. This is very different from what you’d expect with “real life” encounters, but in the online world it’s fine. Look at it this way, do you really want someone to respond back and tell you, “I’ve looked at your profile and I’m not interested”? Of course not. Don’t take offense if you don’t get a response back from someone you’ve emailed.

Breaking up through email is fine – depending.

Here’s the caveat: If you’ve only gone out once or twice, telling someone via email that you don’t care to see them again is okay. After all, when email has been your primary source of getting to know each other, it is going to be the mode in which you are most comfortable communicating. If you’ve gone out several times, however, you still should break up face to face.

It’s okay to casually see several people at once.

Note the distinction: If you’re meeting people for coffee here and there, it’s perfectly fine (and even recommended) to schedule several dates over the course of the week. After all, even though you’ve corresponded with them online, you still haven’t met them yet. You aren’t dating them. A good rule of thumb is if you are going to get serious or physical with someone you should hold off emailing anyone else.

Keeping your profile up when you’re serious with someone else is a big no-no.

Occasionally you’ll meet someone great and want to “see where the relationship is going.” This means that the two of you will be seeing only each other. If you take this step, pull your profile down. You don’t have to delete your profile entirely or cancel your online membership, but you must take your profile off the active list. You must also not correspond with anyone else during that time. If you don’t take your profile down, you will be hurting your chance to truly get involved with your new love. And isn’t that why you started Internet dating in the first place?