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When local religious groups have few single people, those in the congregation who are not in a relationship often have trouble meeting like minded available singles in traditional local single spots. If you are in this situation and you’ve been hesitant to check out online dating sites because you are afraid that noone on the sites will share your religious outlook, you may want to take another look at what’s available.

To meet the growing demand of singles who have strong religious beliefs, quite a few dating sites for specific religions have appeared on the scene. Here are a few of the most popular dating sites for those who feel that a strong religious background is one of the most important things to find in a potential mate.

Big Church: Big Church is an online religious dating site that has over four hundred thousand members from many different Christian denominations. Joining is free and the registration form is short enough to complete in a few seconds. One nice feature is that this site is not just for people interested in meeting a future spouse. Other options include searching for a prayer partner, a friend, or a Bible study partner. To join Big Church, sign up at is a Christian dating site with over three hundred thousand members. Signing up for a trial membership is fairly simple. The first page requires almost no information, but there is a second page to fill out as soon as you hit the submit button. The second page asks for your denomination, height, body type and other characteristics.

Christian Café: Christian Café is not a free dating site, but it does offer a free ten day trial so potential users can decide if it is the right online dating site for them. Once the user chooses a username and provides some basic contact information, the sign up process moves to a second page, which requires detailed information about everything from whether the user wears glasses to whether he or she has pets. You can sign up for a trial subscription at

JDate: JDate is one of the most popular Jewish online dating sites. The questionnaire that new users fill out is quite detailed, which makes it easy for Jewish singles looking for people who are Orthodox or Hassidic. Users can even specify how Kosher their kitchens are. You can sign up for this free online dating site at